T’ALPH table for marta;

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Philippe Allaeys (B)




birch, walnut


top: birch veneer on mtx birch | leg: massive birch | foot: powdercoated steel, top: walnut veneer on mtx birch | leg: massive walnut | foot: powdercoated steel


bistrot : W580 x D780 x H730, low dining: W580 x D780 x H630

Colour top

birch, walnut

A table for two !

The T’ALPH table brief: design a table for two that meets the demands of clients in the hospitality industry – beauty, functionality and tough enough to stand intensive use in reception areas. Above all, not square and no sharp corners.
That’s where Belgian architect and designer Philippe Allaeys came in. He was selected by the marta; team due to his comprehensive knowledge of the industry and his unequivocal talent as a designer.
He designed a table with light, fluid lines, its top an organic form resting on a central leg, descending to a baseplate that echoes the top with a slight asymmetry.
With its gentle forms and chic, warm walnut finish, the prototype was introduced at Maison & Objet in 2021.
Presenting the T’ALPH table for two ! An exclusive design in a two-seat version and a low table version for a cosy low-dining experience.

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